Friday, September 10, 2010

The 20 Song Experiment

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the 20 song experiment. Before the actual experiment begins, I am sure you have many, many questions to ask. So let's get the big stuff out of the way.

Who are you?
Fair enough, my name is Andrew, I go by the tag skulldragon3200, call me either one of those, or honestly anything else. I am the type of person who responds to anything.

Ok, I guess, so what is this 'experiment'?
Ahh, the big question. To explain my idea better, first you have to understand how I listen to music. Honestly, I think it is a little weird and I have finally gotten fed up with it.

Anyways, I listen to music to like this:
1. I hear a song I like. (from anywhere, radio, at a friend's, whatever)
2. I find out who the artist is behind the song.
3. I then get that particular artist's discography. (All albums, all songs)
4. I then only listen to the one song I enjoyed.

And I do this, every time I hear a new song that I really like. And it has gotten to the point where my music collection is well over 500,000 songs in total. With only about 1,000 songs that I have actually ever heard.

Sad right?

Of course it is! That is why I am starting the 20 song experiment. Starting today and going until who knows when, I will have my entire playlist of songs on complete random. I will listen to 20 songs random each day. All songs will listened to until their conclusion, no matter how much I enjoy it.

Pretty much the goal is listen to 1,000s of songs I have never heard, until I have heard them all.

Ok, sounds like a plan, but what are, are you just gonna post about it each day?

Pretty much. I plan on posting the songs I listened to each day, along with a Youtube link, so you guys can check it out.

K, but what are we supposed to do?

I don't know. I'd figure anyone who really cared would post comments on how bad my taste in music is, or praise the taste in music, or even suggest new music that I must listen to. I don't care what you guys say it comments, just make you do comment. The more people's opinions or anything really, that I get, the better.

When is the first post?

Sometime soon, just keep an eye out, follow the blog, and just be patient.

And that is pretty much it, or at least what I can think of. IF you do have any other questions, please ask. I will answer any and all questions, so ask away.


  1. Interesting experiement, I'd like to hear how it turns out

  2. cool idea. following and supporting you

  3. Interesting read, thanks for posting :)

  4. awesome idea, following this shit

  5. you know where to find me, I am legion. Good stuff man. I'll be back daily to see your updates.

  6. Great stuff, thanks for the support.

  7. GOT to keep an eye on this :P You open to suggestions?

  8. Sounds really cool, like the article man

  9. Yep, I am open to suggestions. The first 20 song post is on it's way. 20 songs take some time to listen to in between other things.

  10. I wish I had the time to do something like this.

  11. I can foresee you having a tough time getting 20 songs in every day, from other places besides your own music collection. But I wish you good luck.