Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 3

Here are the songs from Day 3. I also took some more advice, and made the songs, links themselves, so hopefully things will be even easier now. Thanks for the suggestions, and tips!

Brand New - Play Crack The Sky
Seven Mary Three - Flagship Eleanor
Blake Market - Pending
Cage - Abomination
Spearhead - Caught Without an Umbrella
De La Soul - U Don't Wanna B.D.S
Rhapsody - Echoes of Tragedy
The Disco Biscuits - Big Wrecking Ball
Stratovarius - Deep Unknown
Job for a Cowboy - Blasphemy
Papa Roach - Infest
Flo Rida - Mind of My Money
Burial - Homeless
Queensruche - Welcome to the Machine
Bad Religion - Flat Earth Society
Vampire Weekend - Bryn
Lil Wayne - Young Playa
Jedi Mind Tricks - Words From Mr. Len Part One
The Mars Volta - The Widow
Dream Theater - Sacrificed Sons

Obviously, the ones that aren't links, means I couldn't find a video for it. Also, no ICP today, haha.


  1. Love my some De La Soul! Good taste

  2. nice, even better than yesterday.

  3. WOW dont see much queensruche anymore. showing support for your blog.

  4. bad religion! some great tracks in there!

  5. ok list not as good as the others.

  6. Showing a brother some love ;) Would like love back.

  7. Oh my, you brought back memories with the Mars Volta man, i'm following just for that. Good taste :P

    showing support.

  8. Celebrating the lack of ICP!

    Daily Love!
    New cunt-punchingly good book review...

  9. im checking these out as i type this

  10. Dream Theater is awesome... Portnoy FTW

  11. lifehacks guy supports your blog..